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The Lonely Life: Living Solo In W-Space

By Neon Camoflauge

We’ve all heard of wormholes, about how they hold the toughest NPC rats in EVE, about how you can make billions in mere days, but not much about how to get to that point. The point of this article is to tell you how to live inside a wormhole and make profit off of it, solo. You won’t be rich in no time, but you’ll get on your way and make some decent ISK while you’re at it. First off, let’s start with some basic wormhole information. A wormhole is a sort of doorway into another section of space. They usually last about a day and have mass limits. Each ship that moves through the wormhole reduces its mass allowance; when its mass allowance hits zero, the wormhole will close. This means that larger corps must worry about the size of their gangs, and you must watch what size ships you try and pilot through one. Also, Class 1 wormholes (more on classes later) do not permit anything larger than a battlecruiser to enter.

Wormholes can lead from known space (k-space) to wormhole space (w-space), from k-space to k-space, and from w-space to w-space. This means that any system could have a wormhole leading to any other system in EVE, in either type of space. Uses of this goes far beyond simple ninja ratting. You can use this to base a pirate corp out of a wormhole system leading to low-sec, and each day you’ll have a new low-sec system to terrorize and a wormhole to escape to if things get sour or the area is poor. There have also been cases of explorers selling wormhole pathways to alliances, such as if Alliance A happens to be close to a wormhole leading to their enemy Alliance B. But these are off topic, and not what we’re after. So now we’ll detail the wormhole class system.

There are six classes of w-space, as follows:
C1 – Easiest sites, they can be soloed in a battlecruiser or battleship.
C2 – Somewhat harder, though still soloable in a good BC or BS fitting. [Editor's note: HACs too]
C3 – These are where they start to get tough, rats here will warp scramble and webify you. Soloable in a T3 ship or with an alt using remote repairers.
C4/C5 – These are quite difficult, and should only be attempted by well led groups of BS and T3 cruisers. [Editor's note: some T2 ships, such as logistics cruisers, command ships, and of course Marauders, are very useful here]
C6 – Very, very deadly, only able to be defeated by groups using capital ships or large T3 spider tanking gangs.

In C1/C2 systems Sleepers tend to usually ignore drones, unlike in other classes where they will actively target them. So you can feel free to use ships such as the Dominix, Myrmidon, and others so long as you bring lots and lots of drones. Wormholes also have a chance of containing special phenomena such as a pulsar or quasar. These will either help your ship with bonuses (e.g., boosting shield HP or overloading) or hinder it with penalties (e.g., reduced cap recharge or shield HP). You are warned by a message when you encounter such systems, but will have to actually check your ship stats to find out what happened. Well, that or cheat and search online for it…

Alright, so the goal for your first go into w-space is a C1 or C2, using a well-fit battlecruiser as they aren’t too much to lose and can solo both classes well. First, go into a lightly populated high-sec system with a probe ship and locate a WH. When you find it check the info, you want it to lead to “unknown space”. “Deadly unknown space” or “dangerous unknown space” means C4/C5 and C6 systems, respectively. When you find an unknown space wormhole that means a C1, C2, or C3. Well we know we can’t solo a C3 in a battlecruiser, so we have to figure out the class. Enter the system, on the top left you’ll see the system number, J123456 for example. Remember this number, go to this wonderful site, and type it in on the search bar. That will tell you the class of the system and any relevant data. Just for the sake of moving things along we’ll assume you managed to find a C1 or C2 system, which leads us to:


As you may be able to tell, I’m excited for you right now. What you’ll want to do is bookmark the wormhole on both sides, do this now so you don’t forget. Then enter with your scan ship and either use probes covering the whole system or use your onboard scanner to find normal spawning complexes. There are three types, Perimeter, Frontier, and Core, from easiest to hardest. Find a Perimeter site and then Google the site name, go down the links, one of the top three to five should have a list of the waves and name the trigger rats. Shoot these last! Now the only thing left to do is grab your combat ship, go to the site, and engage your targets. Once you’ve dispatched them all be sure to loot and salvage everything, as it will sell for a very nice amount. Continue to do this to all Perimeter sites until you run out, you’re out of ammo, or you get bored. Congratulations, you’ve done your first wormhole run and are probably a good bit richer right now. This is just the start though—the next step is living in w-space. This means you move in, the wormhole back home collapses, and you’re all alone with the Sleepers (and other random explorers [or pirates—ed.]). Also, be sure to always be running the directional scanner while ratting. Local doesn’t work in w-space until someone talks, so this is your only way of seeing if you have visitors.

The first step to moving in to a wormhole is figuring out where to live. You’re still fairly new at this point so I’ll detail the perfect system for you. You want a C2 wormhole system with static WH’s leading to one low-sec system and one or more C1/C2 systems. First, let's explain static WH’s. If a wormhole system has an exit to 0.0 in it, then odds are extremely good that when that exit collapses, the next one to open will lead to 0.0 as well. This works the same for low-sec, high-sec, and w-space system classes. This also means that a wormhole with an exit to high-sec will keep respawning exits to high-sec, meaning there will be a lot of ratters entering to steal your sites and/or set up shop themselves. This is why almost all high-sec systems with a wormhole in it will have an occupant. Same with 0.0: there are a lot of PvE guys inside the giant alliances, so odds are decent that a w-system with a static 0.0 gate will be somewhat popular.

Your goal is low-sec, where nobody really hangs around long enough to scan out a WH, and if they do the odds are slim that they’ll find yours. You also want static exits to C1/C2 wormholes, as the longer you stay in a wormhole system the fewer sites spawn, until it’s almost totally barren about a month after moving in. With constant new sites spawning in neighboring systems, you can greatly extend the time you spend in any one location. Note that you don’t have to find a system that fits these criteria exactly; just something close is good.

You can also go for “subspace” wormholes. These are w-space systems that are only reachable by a wormhole in another w-space system. It’s in level 1 “subspace” as some call it, and I’ve always liked that term. It’s been proven that wormholes can be three levels deep into subspace, meaning you must travel through three w-space systems to be able to find an exit to k-space. Some would love this, as it drops your chances of being run across by a gang considerably. But it also makes supply runs a lot harder, and greatly increases the risk of a wormhole closing while you’re out, since you have to worry about three of them instead of only one. It is for this reason that, even if you’re on a border system just one wormhole outside of k-space, you should always keep an alt with scan probes inside your system. That way if you’re ever stuck outside, he can probe out an exit to k-space and you'll be able to get your main back home.

Now, let’s say you’ve found your perfect wormhole system, low-sec exit, one or more C2 wormhole statics, and a crapton of Sleeper spawns. What to do now? First, you have to figure out how you’re going to live there. You have two options here: a giant secure container or a small POS. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using a GSC instead of a POS, and I leave it up to you to decide which is better.

Pros to using a GSC:
-Easier to transport
-Cannot be scanned down by probes
-Can be placed in a safe spot instead of at a moon
-Holds 3,900 M3 and takes up only 3,000M3 of room in cargo, meaning you actually expand your hauler’s carrying capacity by using them
-Doesn’t attract attention like a POS

Cons to using a GSC:
-Limited space to store ammo, loot, and salvage
-If you are scanned down while at your GSC they’re not that hard to ransom or destroy
-You can’t repair your ship like at a POS, so if you take armor or hull damage with no reppers fitted, it’s staying like that.
-A lot of people when entering a system will see a POS and move on, if they see no POS and it’s a good system, they very well may set up their own station and steal your spots.
-You can’t keep multiple ships for each character you have in w-space, as there’s no POS shield to protect them and I’m almost certain they would be removed at downtime. [they would almost certainly be probed down and stolen—ed.]

For starting out I suggest a GSC, and once you have funds built up and know what you’re doing move onto a small POS. So now, you’re set up in the system, you have your combat main with his ship and your hauler/probing alt here as well. You’ve already started to clear the main sites and the ISK is pouring in. Here’s where you’ll make a mistake. Most people keep all their loot, and don’t sell it off until their GSC is full of loot and salvage. This means that if anyone comes by and happens to scan you down while you’re afk at your GSC (which you know will happen, stupid phone…) they’ll have access to all of your loot instead of what you’ve made since your last market trip. [If you do not have a POS, you absolutely need to fit a cloaking device so that you can go AFK safely or hide from pirates without being probed—ed.]

What I suggest is every 3-7 days, or whenever there’s a trade system close to your low-sec exit, grab your salvage and any loot you can fit in a Cov Ops as it takes up very little space, and take it all to sell off. At the same time you can restock on ammo and/or drones. This prevents you from losing all of your assets in one moment of bad fortune, and also keeps you well stocked with ISK and supplies.

This should keep you going pretty well at the start, you’ll have a good income from your sites in your own wormhole as well as neighboring system’s sites and hopefully can soon move up into a small POS. From there, you can only grow.

Comments and complaints appreciated (well, comments are at least) and if you have questions I’ll answer as best I can.


11 Nov 2009, 17:29
"[If you do not have a POS, you absolutely need to fit a cloaking device so that you can go AFK safely or hide from pirates without being probed—ed.]"

I disagree, if you're living without a POS you can't refit ships. Meaning that cloak is hurting your lock time and wasting a high slot. Best to just log off if you must go afk.
Darnok Iksnibiks
11 Nov 2009, 18:41
about c1 and c3 description:

May be something was changed but last time i tried, BS wasn't allowed to pass c1 wh (i think you still may build them inside on pos)

In c3 scrambling is occur rarely, web is a certain thing. solo c3 anomalies in tier 2 bc (drake, myrm) is doable, but demand warp off sometimes, take long time to complete, and be careful with spawning sleepers
Neon Camouflage
11 Nov 2009, 18:46
You're right on the C1 about no BS' allowed, and I explain that later. A small error I somehow overlooked.

It may be rare, though it wasn't when I went in, but it still happens. And those reasons are why I say soloing a C3 in a BC shouldn't be done.
Aurora Nyx
11 Nov 2009, 19:22
All rats in C2 WH's actively target drones pretty much every 45 seconds or so. Watch your overview for when the rats stop shooting you and go back to a yellow targetting box, then instantly pull your drones until you have agro once more. Then simply get out your drones and start again :)
Neon Camouflage
11 Nov 2009, 19:56
I haven't had that experience myself, granted I use Warriors on my Hurricane. Are you using drone ships or a turret/missile ship?
Beani Kliadi
11 Nov 2009, 21:55
There is a 3rd option to living in wormhole space. Having an Orca near-by is very usefull in wormhole space as you can store alot of ammo and equipment, re-fit and store other ships all on the move. Prehaps even a POS.

Make a sort of 'nomadic' lifestyle with an Orca and your alts/corp mates.
Miyamoto Isoruku
12 Nov 2009, 04:05
MioMar, lock time's irrelevant, since you're PVEing. If pirates show up in your system, you need to be able to safe and cloak up. Logging off isn't going to cut it, especially if you have aggression.
Neon Camouflage
12 Nov 2009, 04:58
I think it's a personal choice. I much prefer having the extra high slot and don't plan to go afk myself. The cloak would be a useful item no doubt, just depends on your style.
12 Nov 2009, 20:53
So.. what exactly is the per hour take in your average C2/C3 from sleeper PVE?

I make about 20mill/hr ratting 0.0 (I don't loot or salvage much).

Just for comparisson.
Quivering Palm
13 Nov 2009, 17:30
Great article!

Regarding your note on drones - Sleepers will always target drones if they can't break your tank fast enough - in any class of wormhole. However, if you fly with a few other folks, Sleepers will prefer to target them than rather your drones.

If you are looking for more info on how to tackle higher class wormholes 5+ then I suggest you visit our blog and podcast, called the Planet Risk Show on Http://
14 Nov 2009, 18:55
I was killing the sleepers in C1 & C2 W-space but they don't seem to be worth much.

The loot you get doesn't get much on the market (about 100k) for the time spent niether does the salvage (just a few k isk).

I sappose the C3's to C6's are worth it and C1 to C2 sleepers are more for practice.

I must be missing something.

But it is fun anyways.

and I like the Lore in there.
16 Nov 2009, 11:02
is solo wormholing still more lucrative than, say, lvl4 mission whoring?
16 Nov 2009, 21:43
Isk estimates from my experience:
20-40mil per hour for c2 sites.
~100mil per hour for c3 sites.
These figures only apply after finding a vacant c2 or c3 with tons of sites in it which which can take a lot of time.
I run these sites in a cerb for c2's and a drake for c3's with a dedicated loot/salvage destroyer.
16 Jun 2012, 22:46
make money lonely world adsense,dream wanna get laptop
24 Jun 2013, 20:02
C4s can be solo'd altho lengthy and dangerous it is possible and lucrative.

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